GCC’s Chef Kerner to Compete in Paris


Guam – Guam Community College has announced that Chef Paul Kerner, Instructor in GCC’s Culinary Arts program, has been invited to represent Guam in the CCC (Comité de coordination des collectivités) international chefs competition in Paris on November 17.

The CCC is a French organization representing the non-subcontracted sector of food service in hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, factories, ministries, military branches, etc. This international competition takes place every two years. According to the CCC, the competition highlights the skills and talents of catering chefs from all continents.

These chefs may not be well known in the culinary profession, however the CCC feels they should be honored for their ability to produce large quantities of gourmet dishes and still meet the high standards of the profession. The competition will take place in the Hotel School Grégoire Ferrandi. The results will be announced on November 18 in an official ceremony at the Equip’Hôtel trade show in Paris.

The list of competitors is as follows:

·      Costa Rica (School and universities sector) – CARLOS JIMÉNEZ CHAVARRÍA

·      Peru (Health care sector) – MARIA LORENA CERDEÑA LEÓN

·      South Africa (Administrations and executives clubs) – (Name not available)

·      New Zealand (Armed forces) – NAADIA POU

·      Guam (School and universities sector) – PAUL KERNER

·      Malaysia (Health care sector) – (Name not available)


·      France (Gendarmerie officers school) – GILBERT GRACIA

Each competitor must prepare a main course and a dessert for 10 patrons within a three-hour time frame. The recipe must be adaptable to mass production (minimum 100 guests).