GCC’s Culinary Program Offers “Taste of Asia” Weekly Meals


Good news for foodies as GCC Culinary Student Chefs are putting their skills to the test with their weekly “Taste of Asia” themed meals.

Today was their second week of offering meals to the public where they prepared Korean cuisine plates like Gimbap, Kimchi, Bulgogi and Korean Fried Chicken to mention a few.

Every Wednesday until December 14th, the students will offer the themed meals for $10 dollars. Next week will be Japan, followed by China and Vietnam, finishing with Thailand.


Along with their professor, Chef Paul Kerner, the students have been preparing for two weeks to be able to host the weekly meals. A hands on experience that serves as their final test to pass the Pacific Asian Buffet culinary class.

PNC had the opportunity to talk to three of the student chefs from the class.

“The experience is very hands-on, very under pressure work. Especially that Chef Paul really keeps up with this. For two weeks Chef Paul has been on our shoulders telling us you’re expecting a certain amount, you have to make sure the food is enough. You have to make sure your preps enough, you gotta be able to have enough things for everybody to come in” said Anika, one of the student chefs.

This experience will help the student chefs thrive in their future careers as it prepares them for everything that happens behind the kitchen and introduces them to the styles of cookery from the countries most familiar to Guam.

“These past 30 minutes we just had a big rush, maybe it was unexpected for that big rush to come in, but you know we were all mentally and physically prepared for it since for the two weeks were coming we were all, you know getting ready for it” added Anika.

From planning, to food safety guidelines, to time management and all else that goes on as a culinary chef, the students use this hands-on experience as an opportunity to learn more about the food industry and the varieties of foods from different cultures.

The Intermediate Baking and Pastry students will also have a Thanksgiving Pie sale next week featuring chocolate, pumpkin and custard pies. For more information, individuals can contact Chef Bertrand at 671-686-2914.

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