GCIC Evicts Guam Election Commission, Demands GEC Vacate Premises “Immediately.”


Guam – Guam Capital Investment Corporation [GCIC] has terminated the lease of the Guam Election Commission [GEC] and is demanding that the GEC “vacate the premises immediately.”

In a letter dated September 1, three days ahead of Saturday’s primary, GCIC President Steffen Niu informed GEC Director John Blas that because of  “the repeated and habitual delinquent payment history of the Guam Election Commission …we are unable, at this time to justify continuing the Lease.”

Read Niu’s letter to Blas 

On Monday GEC made a payment of $12,297.34 to GCIC which Blas thought would bring the GEC current through the month of September.

But Niu states that the amount is $534.58 short. And Niu writes that “your check as recently received does not change GCIC’s demand that you vacate the premises immediately.”

Niu also attached to his letter a draft of a lawsuit GCIC intends to file against the Election Commission if it fails to “vacate immediately.”

However, Niu leaves open the option of  withdrawing the termination and reinstating the lease if  the Election Commission pays 6 months rent in advance.