GDOE Announced Their Annual Safety Conference

Guam Department of Education (PNC file photo)

The Guam Department of Education have announced that next week, GDOE will be having their annual safety conference titled, “Safety and Health at the Heart of Our Work.”

Here’s PNC’s Don Sulat with further details on the story.

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Starting Tuesday, June 28th to Thursday, June 30th, GDOE will hold their annual safety conference and will open with Active Shooter Awareness.

According to GDOE, the opening session brings law enforcement professionals and experts in active shooter situations to discuss best practices and trends in school violence prevention, school shooting mitigation, and community response to an active shooter situation.

According to GDOE, The event will be held at Tiyan High School and will gather around 300 school staff and administrators to participate in workshops that will increase their knowledge and their ability to provide necessary tools to engage their school communities in the pursuit of safer and healthier schools.

What prompted the active shooter awareness conference, according to GDOE, was the recent school shooting in Uvalde Texas along with the record high school violence reports during 2021, with more than 240 school shootings.

The Active Shooter Awareness is Phase 1 of a 3-phase training program. Phase 2 will entail a Table Top Exercises (TTX) with school communities across the island that will take place in the course of the coming school year. Phase 3, an exercise planned for the future, will be the culminating event with a Full-Scale Exercise (FSX) involving one high school and multiple response agencies.

To view what the 3-day event will have in its entirety, individuals can visit PNCGUAM.COM or you can contact Christopher Anderson at or Terry Naputi at 300-1623/24 or email

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