GDOE announces freezes on hiring, increments

Guam Department of Education (PNC file photo)

Guam – In anticipation of a drastic budget reduction, the Guam Department of Education is implementing a number of freezes beginning next month.

The department issued a memo to all GDOE teachers yesterday announcing a number of freezes to stay in line with their reduced budget.

First is a hiring freeze on all positions except for federally funded and teaching positions. This particular freeze takes effect September 1 and lasts until December 31.

GDOE will also be implementing a year-long freeze of salary increments, promotions, reclassifications, merit bonuses and any other upward pay adjustment. When the freeze is lifted on September 30, 2019, any upward adjustments or merit bonuses will not be applied retroactively. This means, if employees were eligible for any salary increments during the freeze period, consider it gone.

Finally, the education agency is also suspending its certification pay differential program. This is a government-wide prohibition that’s also prescribed in the most recent budget passed by the Legislature. The certification pay differential is an incentive program that gives GovGuam employees bonuses for obtaining a certified public accountant, financial management, fraud examiner or internal auditor certification.