GDOE Behind On Voluntary Payroll Deductions


GDOE is one pay period behind in payroll deductions, asking employees to pay one month in advance to avoid being behind on bills. 


Guam- According to Tailing Taitano, the Superintendent of Finance for the Guam Department of Education, voluntary payroll deductions has not yet been paid.

GDOE employees who find themselves late on voluntary payroll deduction payments this month may continue to be late on payments until GDOE finds the necessary funding to make up for the insufficient cash.

 According to Tailing Taitano, the 3.8 million dollars that GDOE received to use for payroll deductions was insufficient because 1.2 million was subtracted to pay for their overdue water and power bills last week.  

Taitano stated, “We have paid mandatory vendors, but we are still outstanding with some of the payroll deductions and we have been working with DOA to try to get the balance of that which is 1.2 (million).”

According to Taitano, GDOA has paid mandatory deductions such as health insurance and retirement funds, but says the funding was insufficient for other deductions from employees paychecks or items deemed voluntary.

Though the Superintendent of Finances says that GDOE is just one pay period behind, she is also hopeful that the full cash payment will be received this week so that payments can be made current. As for her recommendation for employees who are late in voluntary deductions?

 Taitano responded with, “When someone signs up for a voluntary deduction, we recommend that they be one month in advance so they don’t get behind. “