GDOE community learning centers hold soft opening

GDOE Community Learning Center (PNC file photo)

Tuesday was the soft opening of the Guam Department of Education community learning centers on island.

This week, 8 GDOE schools will open their community learning centers at their respective school campuses to provide free computer and internet access to students.

GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez gave his presentation earlier today at one of the schools, C.L. Taitano Elementary School in Sinajana, with hopes that the centers will help strengthen students’ academic future through community support, especially during these trying times.

“This is the beginning of something we know is going to be hopefully a lot more robust and as we develop it, we have the potential for support for our community. So today, we’re looking into the future and as Mayor Hoffman said, we’re doing this for the future. It’s been a really tough year and we’ve been trying to reach all students and we know that our students and their families need the support so these community learning centers are here to offer that support,” Fernandez said.

The schools that are opening the community learning centers are: Astumbo Elementary, C.L. Taitano Elementary, J.Q. San Miguel Elementary, Machanaonao Elementary, Capt. H.B. Price Elementary, Talofofo Elementary, UPI elementary, and George Washington High School.