GDOE & DPHSS Held its First Covid Outreach Clinic at Untalan Middle School

Guam Department of Education (PNC file photo)

In education news – in partnership with public health the Guam department of education held its first vaccination outreach program at Untalan middle school where approximately 11 students received their covid 19 vaccinations. 

PNC’s Damen Michael has the details on this story

To increase the vaccination rate amongst students GDOE in partnership with the Department of Public Health and Social Services has started its vaccination outreach program. 

Deputy Superintendent of Educational support and communication, Erika Cruz, told PNC that approximately 30% of the current students attending Guam Department of Education schools are vaccinated. 

In an interview with PNC Julietta Quinene, Community health and nursing services Administrator for GDOE said that today was the first of many covid vaccination outreach programs planned.

Quinene said, “ this week as you said is the first one here today on the 6th and the 8th we plan our second clinic at Tiyan high school and we are still working with public health and our leadership team on which school will be next. ”

Quinene added that kids are normally scared of receiving shots but having school nurses on site helped bring a form of comfort.

In addition, parents were also allowed to come to school grounds to observe the operations and gain additional resources from public health nurses and doctors.  

Quinene said that there were a total of 11 students that received their shots, and further shared that the reason for the short turnout was short notice saying,

Simply because this morning public health shared with us that we would not be able to give the Covid 19 booster today and a majority of our students needed a booster today.

According to Quinene, they are working with public health hoping that within the coming weeks they would be able to provide booster shots for students.

PNC reached out to public health for a reason why booster shots were unable to be administered to the students but as of this broadcast, no information has been given.

Reporting for the Pacific News Centre,

Im Damen Michael