GDOE Employee Claims She Hasn’t Been Paid for Working Graveyard at FESTPAC Housing


GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez says they’re working to address any issues.

Guam – A Guam Department of Education employee is upset because her late-night work for FESTPAC isn’t reflected in today’s paycheck.


A woman named Louise, who claims to be a GDOE employee, called into Mornings with Patti’s and said that the night differential she should have received for staying at a campus overnight hasn’t been paid out.

She said, “I’m one of them that took the graveyard shift because they said we’re going to get night differential. I live paycheck to paycheck.”

Louise explained that she only volunteered to work the graveyard shift because they were told they would be paid night differential. 

“When we were first asked for volunteers, we had a meeting whoever is going to be at whatever school. Then they said everyone working graveyard would be paid night differential and those working day shift get regular pay,” she said.
Louise added that she and her co-workers haven’t even been told when they’ll get the extra compensation.
She said, “On payday, I won’t be getting my night differential. The government never told us that ‘another check would be cut. They were so dishonest. A lot of us are very disappointed. I wish they were just honest with us because there’s a lot of us that drive far to do this work. We do this work to get a bit more pay only to find out that there’s nothing.”
GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez tells PNC that they are addressing any issues with night differential. He advises employees to notify payroll if they feel there is an error. Fernandez says they’ll be reviewing their pay records for those who worked at housing venues during FESTPAC to ensure no one is missed.


  1. I think Louise needs to develop a better attitude regarding her situation. She’ll eventually get paid but it’s sad to know that she doesn’t have the FESTPAC spirit like many others do.

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