GDOE encouraging students to apply for laptops


The Guam Department of Education (GDOE) continues to distribute laptop computers to middle and high school students in need. Due to the low number of applications received over the past month, the GDOE encourages eligible students and families to take advantage of this opportunity to apply to receive a computer to support distance learning.

The laptop distribution is available to middle and high students only.

GDOE opened applications and began distributing computers to students in September.  Although roughly 8,000 laptops were made available for distribution, so far, the department has received only 3,300 applications. Laptop distribution aims to support both the online model of learning and hard copy model of learning. Not only will laptops facilitate participation in online classes, but these devices will also support the electronic dissemination and collection of hard copy materials.

Students/families interested in applying to receive a laptop will need to complete and submit a laptop distribution application form available at each school site. Some of the factors schools will look at when selecting students to receive laptops will include whether or not the student currently has access to a computer at home, access to the internet, and whether a student is currently engaged with their classes. Students without internet access are eligible to receive computers if they are willing to access the internet outside of their household. Once selected, students will need to comply with school requirements and fill out all necessary forms.

The laptops were made available through funding administered by the GDOE Federal Programs Division State Educational Agency and funded by the Education Stabilization Fund – State Educational Agency (ESF-SEA) under the CARES Act.

For more information, please contact each school directly.

(News release from the Guam Department of Education)