GDOE Gives Notice to Proceed to G4S to Install Security Cameras at Schools


The $800-thousand dollar project includes installment, monitoring services and two-year maintenance.

Guam – By February of 2017, all 35 Guam Department of Education schools will be outfitted with security equipment. At least that’s what the official plan is.

It’s been two years since the Secure Our Schools Act became law and finally GDOE is at the tail end of completing the process. The Guam Department of Education gave the Notice to Proceed to G4S Security Systems to install security equipment in the schools. GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez says they plan to get six schools outfitted with security equipment at a time for a period of 60 days, which means it would take about a year to get security cameras up at all 35 schools.

Fernandez explains that most of the schools up North are first on the list because they are the frequent targets for vandalism, break-ins and thefts. He says, “Without going into details publicly about what schools are being worked on. I will say that the most vulnerable schools were prioritized. In the first, second and third phase, we hope to hit most of the schools that have been victims of vandalism, break-ins. Again with the 35 schools, that work will extend from February 3 of this year to February 3 of next year so in one year, all those would be addressed.”