GDOE hard copy packet distribution continues


All Guam Department of Education (GDOE) schools are preparing to resume hard copy packet distribution.

Over the past few days, GDOE superintendent Jon Fernandez has been in close communication with the Department of Public Health and Social Services to determine the GDOE’s authorization to distribute hard copy learning packets during PCOR 1.

On Wednesday, DPHSS confirmed that GDOE is able to resume hard copy packet distribution.

Hard copy packet distribution includes lesson preparation, printing, preparation of physical documents, packaging materials, distribution and collection of completed packets.

Each school will determine its schedule and notify parents next week. Parents are reminded that schools are closed to the general public outside of the designated distribution dates and times.

Families are reminded that they should follow GDOE safety protocols when picking up learning packets, to include wearing a mask, maintaining six feet physical distancing, and following the instructions of school personnel at all times.

Schools will work to ensure that employees are safe and that both employees and families adhere to safety protocols. School administrators will work with school personnel to develop a distribution implementation plan.