GDOE Holds Job Fair to Fill 300 Teacher Vacancies


Don’t worry, you can still apply at GDOE Headquarters if you missed today’s job fair.

Guam – The Guam Department of Education held their annual job fair today in an effort to address the shortage of teachers this upcoming school year.


According to GDOE’s Human Resources Department, GDOE on average is short by 300 certified teachers every school year. For this upcoming school year, GDOE HR Personnel Specialist Doris Faisao says they’re looking to fill 328 teacher positions. In the past years, with the lack of certified teachers, GDOE had to call back retired teachers to work to fill the vacancies. In an effort to hire more certified teachers, GDOE held a job fair today for teaching positions.

Faisao says, “To have this job fair, we have invited all our school administrators to be on site. It’s convenient for our job applicants because the administrators are there. Based on their certification, they can be interviewed with the school of their choice. Our vacancies is in all areas, our elementary kindergarten to fifth grade, we have our specialty areas such as Special Education, ESL, and secondary area, our Math, Science and Language Arts.”

Faisao explains that if you missed today’s job fair, you can still turn in your application at the GDOE HR Department in Tiyan.