GDOE Hosts First College Fair

About 700 high school seniors are now better prepared for college after attending the Guam Department of Education’s first College Fair today.

Guam – Students from various schools around the island learned about college applications, an overview of post-secondary education, financial aid, and career planning tools. GDOE College Pathway Program Project Director Leah Beth Naholowaa says this event will help DOE meet one of the goals of the DOE’s Stage Strategic Plan, which is that all students will graduate from high school prepared to pursue post-secondary education. 

GDOE College Pathway Program Project Director Leah Beth Naholowaa says, “We’re very excited because today is the first time in GDOE history that we’re having a college fair for our high school students. We have 700 students here right now talking to colleges and universities for whatever opportunities out there for them. We also have different workshops for them such as financial aid, introduction to college and choosing college.”
PNC also spoke to a couple students who attended the fair. 
SSHS Senior Robbey Romanes says, “We learned a lot about the colleges, different colleges we can go into, also the Marines and the Navy were here recruiting. It’s just interesting stuff.”
JFK Senior Quincy Garin says, “First I was nervous because being a senior, you don’t know where you’re going with your life. I wasn’t sure with what I want to do after high school but going to these seminars, it’s really eye-opening because I’m learning different things I didn’t know before. That’s what this college fair made me realize too. Just because I’m scared now doesn’t mean it’ll be scary for me the rest of my life.” 


Funding for this event is made possible through grants provided by Title V-A Consolidated Grant and the National Association of State Board of Education (NASBE). For more information about the GDOE’s College Fair please contact Dr. Leah Beth Naholowaa at 300-1252.