GDOE increases school supply subsidy to $100 per student

Guam Department of Education (PNC file photo)

The Guam Department of Education has approved an increase in its student school supply subsidy.

From just $60, GDOE is now allocating funds for schools to provide up to $100 worth of school supplies per student.

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“We’ve already provided the schools with their budgets. Just to clarify, that’s not $100 that students are getting. It’s the schools that are given the $100 allocation per student to buy the supplies needed for all of their students,” GDOE deputy superintendent Joe Sanchez said in an interview with NewsTalk K57’s Paulie Suba.

In addition, Sanchez said GDOE approved $1,000 allocations for teachers to subsidize the cost for their classroom teaching supplies.

“The teachers have already started placing their orders,” Sanchez said.

If funding allows, Sanchez said GDOE hopes to be able to offer the same subsidies for the next school years.

Sanchez said the teachers and school administrators got together and identified what the orders needed to be.

“They placed their orders earlier, even before summer,” he said.

The funding from the subsidies comes from GDOE’s federal funding.