GDOE launches distance learning website


Although there has been some talk about ending the school year early, the Guam Department of Education has not officially announced the closure of the current term.

But in the meantime, with the suspension of classes possibly being extended past April 12, GDOE launched its distance education website earlier today.

Next Monday, GDOE’s distance learning website will offer weekly instructional support for elementary through high school students, according to a statement from Superintendent Jon Fernandez.

In an online meeting held earlier today, GDOE Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction Joe Sanchez outlined the agency’s goals regarding distance learning.

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“Our plan, in this case, is to provide content and resources to parents and their children that they could use during this time while they’re away. This is work that is not going to count towards their grades, but it’s work that we think and believe is going to be valuable and useful for them while they are in school,” Sanchez said.

GDOE’s distance learning website can be accessed through In addition, the agency is working to accommodate families who do not have access to the internet or a computer.