GDOE looking at extended times and school capacities for 100% face-to-face instruction


The Guam Department of Education is looking at various time periods and schedules, including extended times in case 100 percent face-to-face instruction is approved.

At the same time, GDOE is also looking at the various school capacities to determine if a 100 percent return to face-to-face instruction can be handled by existing campus capacities.

GDOE Deputy Superintendent Joe Sanchez says the department is presently discussing different times and schedules with all of the 41 public schools with the intent of maximizing contact time between students and teachers, especially for those who were in the hard copy module.

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“Originally, we were talking about an am/pm session. But it looks like this might be challenging when it comes to bus operations to have students sent home in the middle of the day and have another group picked up and so forth. So we are looking at extended times and we are looking at different scenarios with the schools. We should have that finalized some time next week,” Sanchez said.

In addition, GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez says the department is also collecting data from school administrators to confirm the capacity of their school campuses in the event they return to 100% face-to-face instruction under a 3-ft. social distancing scheme.

“We’re still gathering the information and I don’t think we have it yet … but by next week, mid-week, we should have that completed and we’d be happy to share that with you. One of the concerns I’ve already heard pertains to classes that have shared tables. Well, that’s understandable, no matter what you do with the distancing, if don’t have the kind of furniture that you need … and if that’s the case, obviously the solution is to go get individual desks,” Fernandez said.

For the concurrent school year, GDOE is moving forward with the testing of face-to-face students with the ACT Aspire Online assessment.

All schools will be testing during the months of April and May. They will be conducted online and will require the use of a laptop.

For elementary schools that are still in need of additional laptops for testing, they can coordinate with Mr. Jesse Pendon to obtain the laptops. His e-mail address is