GDOE Management Team Resume School Visits and Sets Department Priorities


Acting Superintendent Joe Sanchez and the deputies put a list of things to do for the department.

Guam – The Guam Department of Education’s management team is resuming school visits and establishing the department’s priorities over the next few weeks.


Since GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez was granted administrative leave up to 20 working days, Acting Superintendent Joe Sanchez and the deputies put a list of things to do for the department, which includes school readiness, professional development for school administrators and teachers, and completion of the FY’16 Consolidated Grant Application. According to Sanchez, the purpose of the visits is to speak directly with the school administrators for a report on the progress of a number of items that related to school operations, curriculum planning and critical maintenance. As of today, there are approximately 53 vacancies in elementary and 69 at the secondary level.

Sanchez says, “In addition to our school visits, we have opening priorities already in the works in the last couple of weeks. First is our professional development. That happens every school year. That’s for both school administrators and teachers. With the consolidated grant, we’re preparing for our application for our FY16 Consolidated Grant. It’s our largest grant, a little over $20 million, that pays for a majority of our curriculum support and student support programs. That’s due in a month so we’re getting together to make sure it’ll be ready to send off to U.S. DOE.”

Sanchez says meetings with all department division heads and school administrators are scheduled for today and tomorrow.