GDOE needs to fill 276 positions; seeks $226.5 million for personnel

Guam Department of Education (PNC file photo)

The Guam Department of Education is requesting for more positions to be filled, especially school aide positions on school campuses.

During an informational hearing on the department, GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez told senators that GDOE is requesting $226.5 million for personnel alone.

This includes a request for 276 new positions which by itself totals $11.2 million in salary and benefits.

Fernandez said out of the 276 new positions, 164 are school aides that are being requested for increased school supervision by schools. Half of those positions, 82, are intended to serve as full-time one-to-one school aides.

Fernandez says the reason why he wanted to address this is because of the rapid turnover of part-time one-to-one aides at schools.

Because these one-to-one aides are primarily federally funded and funds have been stretched for years, GDOE made the decision to fund them at a part-time level based on the cost and the number of aides needed.

Fernandez said that as they are currently funded, trying to support the number of aides needed is not working in terms of retention.

He added that personal budget calculations include all of the anticipated salary increments GDOE calculated based on their current staffing pattern and bring the substitute teacher pool back to a ratio of one substitute teacher for every 10 classroom teachers.