GDOE nurses ready when 12 years and above vaccine eligibility is approved for Guam

GDOE Community and Health Administrator Julietta Quinene (PNC photo)

The Guam Department of Education resumed its school COVID-19 vaccination clinic on Monday at the George Washington High School.

The head of the GDOE nurses also says that the department is ready to vaccinate students from the 12 to 15 years old age group once they get approval.

The George Washington High School clinic conducted vaccinations not just for the 16 years and older students, but the rest of the community as well.

With national reports that the Pfizer vaccine would soon be available for the 12 to 15 year age group, GDOE Community and Health Administrator Julietta Quinene tells PNC that although they don’t have any news updates yet, GDOE  is ready to administer the vaccines to that age group once they are given the green light.

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“We know that’s definitely in the planning phases right now and we’re excited because another cohort, another group of our students from 12 to 15 that can get it. And I’m excited because my own son, he’s 13 years old and I already asked him, Kyle, are you going to take it and he said yes mom, if it’s going to keep me safe, I’m definitely going to get that shot,” Quinene said.

She stressed that while they are in the discussion stage for the 12 to 15 are group, it’s important to continue to have the school vaccination clinics for their students already eligible.

“Yes, Public Health is definitely working on it. Once we get the final approval from Public Health and the Governor’s Office, we’ll definitely plan with public health because remember our outreaches here is a collaborative effort with Public Health. As of right now, we have our GDOE nurses, we have public health staff because the vaccines come from Public Health, it’s a collaborative effort. It will continue to be a collaborative effort to have school-based clinics to attract our younger individuals between 12 to 15,” Quinene said.

The next school vaccination clinic will take place at John F Kennedy High school on May 24.

At this outreach, GDOE wants to encourage the seniors to get their vaccination before they graduate.

They are also opening clinics for those ready to take their second dose after their 21 days.