GDOE offers students alternative pathway to earn high school credits

Guam Department of Education (PNC file photo)

The Guam Department of Education is launching a new initiative under its Second Chance Project for students who may find it difficult to succeed in a traditional classroom setting due to special life circumstances such as being homeless, working full-time, or serving as the primary caregiver for their family

GDOE’s consolidated grant provides funding support for the initiative that promotes a new Alternative Pathway to Earn High School Credits.

According to GDOE, participants are provided the opportunity to attend classes and earn high school credit at no cost.

While the program offers a more flexible learning setup, GDOE assures the high school courses are facilitated and monitored by certified classroom teachers.

According to GDOE, they are currently working with Asmuyao Community School to implement the program and so far, 25 out of the more than 100 available openings have been filled up.

GDOE said students who are interested in this option must demonstrate a commitment to learning, and if accepted, a desire to fully participate in the program.