Fernandez: Only 3, so far, have officially refused COVID vaccination or testing

GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez (PNC file photo)

Only three Guam Department of Education have so far officially refused COVID vaccination or testing, GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez reported during today’s media briefing.

Fernandez said they were tracking the possibility of over 30 declining vaccination or testing. But until these employees officially decline and turn down the opportunity to test on their scheduled date, Fernandez said they will continue to offer that opportunity to be in compliance.

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“So as of yesterday, we had three employees out of the 30 from over 3400 employees who refused to comply with either the vaccination or testing requirements. And so those three employees were sent home in line with the Department of Administration guidance. As for the rest of the employees, we are understanding, at least at this point in the week, that employees are working to comply with the governor’s requirements,” GDOE superintendent said.

As of Tuesday this week, Fernandez said GDOE has 92% of its employees reporting fully vaccinated and 7% who are not fully vaccinated but are submitting to the weekly testing.

“So that accounts for 99% of GDOE employees. And I think that’s a very, very high mark, and almost in full compliance with the governor’s directive and in line with Department of Administration guidelines,” the GDOE Superintendent said.

He added: “So, you know, we are following the order. And we are following the Department of Administration circular, which provides guidance for addressing the various options that employees have in complying with the mandate to get fully vaccinated. Or if not to get fully vaccinated, to submit to weekly testing. In the event that somebody refuses to comply, then those employees are required to be sent home on annual leave. And if they exhaust annual leave, they will have to resort to leave without pay.”