GDOE Outstanding Vendor Payments at $6.4M; Bill Introduced to Help GDOE

A public hearing was held on Bill 199, which would appropriate $2.5 million dollars to the Guam Department of Education for the hiring of two additional school aides in each school, vendor payments, and the Pre-Kindergarten program.

Guam – The bill was introduced by Vice Speaker BJ Cruz and Senator Nerissa Underwood, which would take $2.5 million dollars from the unappropriated Healthy Futures Fund Revenues in FY2015 to give to GDOE. According to Underwood, the $2.5 million would really help GDOE because as of today, GDOE still has $6.4 million in total outstanding vendor payments. She explains that out of that $6.4 million, $2.89 million are overdue 90 days or more and those vendors include food services, repair and maintenance, and a GWA bill of about $680-thousand dollars.


Underwood explains, “GDOE had reported to us that to date, they still have $6.4 million total vendor payments that need to be addressed. They still haven’t received $3.7 million for FY15 budget and that’s because the Territorial Education Facilities Fund did not get enough collection to meet that. We’re hoping that this certainly will help. I believe that each school had requested two additional school aides and they are going to try to address that as best and as quickly as they can.”