GDOE owed $17 million in FY17 cash allotments


During budget session lawmakers discovered that GDOE is behind $17 million in cash allotments that they should have received at this point in fiscal year 2017.

Guam – Lawmakers began budget discussions this morning (Mon.) on the GDOE portion of the 2018 budget.

GDOE is the largest agency in the Government of Guam and they are asking for an appropriation of $241 million for FY18 compared to their FY17 budget of $236.8 million. GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez and GDOE CFO Taling Taitano appeared before the committee of the whole to answer Senators’ questions regarding their budget request. Senator Frank Aguon Jr. Asked if GDOE was on track to receive its full budget for FY17. Taitano told lawmakers that they are currently $17 million dollars short or behind in their allotment schedule.

“In past years, we did not necessarily get our full appropriation and so when we didn’t get that full budget we were still owing you know we still owed vendors funding for the work that’s been done. So right now, we are looking at anywhere between 7-9, 7-10 million dollars at any one time in what we call outstanding vendor payables. This is what is owed to vendors and about half of that amount is typically the amount that is over 90 days due,” said Fernandez. The GDOE Superintendent says these millions of dollars in vendor payables are a result of not getting their full budgets in the past.