GDOE Partners with DPHSS on COVID Vaccination Outreach Program

Guam Department of Education (PNC file photo)

Continuing the COVID Discussion…

To help those vulnerable to COVID, The Guam Department of Education in partnership with Public Health look to help accommodate families with free vaccinations on the student level

Reporting on this story is PNC’s Damen Michael

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In a recent interview with PNC, Deputy Superintendent of educational support and communication, Erika Cruz says that approximately 30% of the current students attending GDOE schools are vaccinated. 

Cruz said that as of August 15th, 60 students have caught covid. 

PNC asked if the number of students catching COVID might be a concern, considering that School just started.

In response, Cruz assured us that there are no COVID outbreaks at any public school. 

To combat the possible spread of COVID-19 in schools, GDOE together with Public Health is planning on a vaccination outreach program.

“So on vaccination, the plan is for September 6th and September 8th at Untalan Middle School will be on the 6th and the 8th will be at Tiyan High School and so public health will be sending 4 vaccinators to assist our school health counselors”

Cruz says that they hope to do a PSA to address parents’ concerns about vaccines. 

The outreach program is to help parents who might not have access to transportation or other resources to get their kids vaccinated. On top of helping students fight COVID should they end up catching the virus. 

Cruz says that parents shouldn’t worry about the safety of their children because school campuses are safe places. 

To continue the fight against COVID, GDOE is currently still providing hand sanitizers and other protective measures to keep students and staff safe. 

Moreover, Cruz shared the future possibilities of the vaccination outreach program if deemed successful. 

She said, “We are going to have this vaccination outreach for all secondary schools and then hopefully if it is successful we want to go down to the elementary schools and provide that however at this point the focus is on the secondary schools. ”

Reporting for the Pacific News Center 

I’m Damen Michael