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Pictures circulating on social media depict what appears to be chunks of concrete roofing that fell on the grounds of F.B. Leon Guerrero Middle School. 

Here’s PNCs Damen Michael with the details of this story

Mark Mendiola, Chairman of the Guam Education Board, told PNC, that GDOE is working on fixing the infrastructure issue of FB Leon Guerrero Middle School

Adding that F.B.L.G Middle School is one of the older schools that was built a couple of decades ago that has faced many challenges in the facilities maintenance.  

Earlier this week, Guam was hit by a 5.8 magnitude earthquake. 

The Chairman said that administrators did a full assessment and are awaiting results to see if there is any relation between the quake and the roof collapse. 

For years GEB & GDOE have submitted requests for new facilities enhancements, repairs, and maintenance but it has been a challenge to gain that support. 

Mark Mendiola, Chairman, Guam Education Board said, “There is a facilities master plan that was adopted before the board now we have additional funding from the deferral government to address some of the infrastructure needs within the department of education.

According to the Facility Master Plan, F.B Leon Guerrero has a preliminary deferred maintenance cost of approximately $8.2M. The majority of the costs include approximately $2M to repair roofing, gutter, and downspouts and approximately $3.4M in structural costs for foundation, floors, and wall construction. 

Mendiola added that the department is trying its best to close the gaps in the capital improvement projects. He believes these infrastructure projects need immediate attention and Superintendent Francis Santos has placed them on a priority list.  

He assures that the superintendent is working diligently to get a structural engineer to come in to assess the facility to address the concerns of the community. 

Reporting for the Pacific News Center 

I’m Damen Michael 



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