GDOE ready for face-to-face instruction next week


In a virtual informational hearing at the Guam Legislature today, GDOE superintendent Jon Fernandez says schools are ready for face-to-face instruction next week.

During the hearing, GDOE presented their school readiness report for all 3 modules of learning.

They also laid out school plans and resolutions on face-to-face instruction, online and hard copy learning, the status of of the unaccounted for students, and more.

According to GDOE Superintendent John Fernandez, since the governor approved January 18 for the opening of schools for face-to-face instruction, he is confident that schools are ready to open that week.

Meanwhile, GDOE is still continuing with home distance learning modules, which will be offered alongside face-to-face instruction.

But the hard copy module will eventually be phased out once they have more students signed up for online learning or face-to-face.

Additionally, Fernandez announced that GDOE is planning to open its community learning centers, which could happen sometime this month.