GDOE receives a “Journeys to the Heart” donation


Guam – A gift from the Guam Visitors Bureau to the Guam Department of Education means that GDOE students will have the privilege of turning the pages of the book, “Journeys to the Heart”, featuring the photography of Pultizer Prize awardee Manny Crisostomo.

“Journeys to the Heart” is a compilation of images taken during the Festival of the Pacific Arts, which Guam hosted in 2016.

FestPac was a showcase of over 25 island nations across the Pacific, and students from GDOE had a life changing opportunity to put on display Guam’s beautiful culture.

GVB commissioned Crisostomo to photograph the event, using monies collected through the Tourist Attraction Fund.

GVB is graciously donating 50 copies of the book, which costs a pretty penny, so that each school will have copies available for the students to enjoy.

“On a teacher perspective, our focus is to continue to teach our language, that is the driving force because if our language doesn’t exist, then our culture will never exist. And so, this is one of many resources, a handful, that’s by our own people and it is a story about our own people and our children can turn around and say ‘I was part of this and I am proud that I was a part of this,'” said BJ Terlaje, Chamoru teacher, John F Kennedy High School.

While FestPac lasted only two weeks, GVB President and CEO, Nathan Denight, said that the commissioning of Crisostomo is “paying dividends” in that the experience is documented and able to be passed on to the next generation of Guam.