GDOE releases updated COVID-19 weekly dashboard


The Guam Department of Education (GDOE) has released its weekly COVID-19 dashboard.

Today’s initial dashboard captures data from October 11-12, 2021. Going forward, the dashboard will include and summarize the prior week’s reports of COVID-19 new and active cases for GDOE employees and for GDOE students who were on campus at the time they were deemed to be positive.

Student cases for those who are online or who were, for some other reason, not on campus during the time they were deemed to be positive are not reported in the GDOE daily report or the weekly dashboard.

The daily reports and dashboard are intended to represent on-campus positive and active cases where there exists a potential risk of transmission.

“We continue to closely monitor the number of cases that show up at our schools,” said GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez. “Our focus is to ensure that we prevent the spread of the virus within our classrooms and campuses. The information we are tracking will give us an opportunity to make informed decisions about the future.”

Every Wednesday, the dashboard will be published on the GDOE’s social media accounts as well as the GDOE website.



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