GDOE renews push to convert Chief Brodie elementary into a middle school

Chief Brodie Elementary School (PNC file photo)

The Guam Department of Education is planning to convert one of its elementary schools into a middle school to help students who are living in the Tamuning and Harmon districts.

GDOE presented the education board’s request during an information hearing at the Legislature on Tuesday to get more funding to renovate Chief Brodie Elementary school and transform it into a middle school.

Education Superintendent Jon Fernandez says this has been in discussion and planned since 2018. He says there is a need for a middle school that’s closer to students who have to take long routes to two different middle schools.

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“So right now, if you are a middle school student in the Tamuning area, you’re likely to have to go down to Jose Rios Middle School which is in Piti. If you live in the Harmon area, certain part of the Harmon area, you will most likely go to Untalan Middle School which is again, all around the airport from Harmon to Barrigada,” Fernandez said.

However, Fernandez says the big issue right now is how to secure funding for the project.

“We went to the legislature to request for the funding that is necessary and we’ll see if that funding will be made available and that won’t be until August so we’ll have to see then,” Fernandez said.

In GDOE’s capital outlay budget request, the department is requesting $10.6 million for the conversion of Chief Brodie Elementary into a middle school

Meanwhile, for the design phase of Simon Sanchez High School, GDOE is planning to hold a public meeting on March 24 to discuss the status of the school’s design but is requesting $5.5 million in funding for the SSHS Construction Management Services.