GDOE report shows much room for improvement

Guam Department of Education (PNC file photo)
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The Guam Department of Education’s annual report on public education on island shows a slip in the number of graduating students, an increase in the dropout rate, and much-needed improvement in basic skills like English, reading, and math.

Guam DOE’s annual report of public education on Guam was submitted Monday to the legislature, covering the just completed 2018-2019 school year.

English reading and math scores are all in need of improvement.

For example, the 10th grade ACT results in English show that less than half — 43% of students — met or exceed the readiness level for English

The test results for reading skills shows just 17% met or exceed reading levels and over half the 10th graders were in need of reading support.

Math shows the worst results with over 89% of 10th graders in need of support while only 6% met or exceeded national averages for 10th-grade math skills.

Student enrollment at the island’s 41 public schools dropped in the last school year by 393 students, falling from 30,112 to 29,719.

The dropout rate increased by .6% and the number of graduating students slipped to 1,871.

However, the report states that because the total school population dropped, the percentage of graduates actually increased by 2.8%.

By ethnicity, 44% identify as native inhabitants, 19% are Chuukese and another 8 percent are from other Micronesian islands.

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