GDOE Will Seek An Additional $10M


Guam – The Guam Education Board held a special meeting Monday night to take a look at the Department of Education’s budget that was appropriated for DOE by the Guam Legislature and then adopt a spending plan for fiscal year 2011.

DOE Deputy of Finance Taling Taitano says a key item discussed during the meeting was how will the increase of their health insurance rates impact their personnel budget. Taitano says currently their net appropriations for their personnel budget is $157 million dollars, but she is calculating that they will now need an additional $10 million dollars.

 Taitano says, ” Right now we are estimating $168 million dollars that we need to cover for our warm bodies that are in place and currently employed, plus a few other positions that were specifically budgeted for Chamorro studies, to take us through the fiscal year so there’s a gap in funding of about $10 million.”

 Taitano says now DOE faces a dilemma being down $10 million dollars. About $6 million dollars of that is solely for the health and dental cost and a $2.5 million dollar increase in that contract. Of that 6 million, about 2.5 million has to do with increase in the health contract.

Taitano says, as for fiscal year 2011, she believes the agency has sufficient funds to cover the overall operations which includes paying for outside vendors, supplies and utilities. She says their intention is to continue to work with the projections, take a look at the budget that was passed and to stay within their means.