GDOE responds to complaints about COVID-19 rule violations at GCC

Guam Community College (PNC file photo)

In continuing with Guam Community College and the complaints about its COVID-19 protocol violations, what does this have to do with the Guam Department of Education?

GDOE’s involvement with GCC’s COVID-19 protocol situation has to do with George Washington High School students taking classes at the GCC facility for their career internship programs.

On Wednesday morning, GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez went on air with Newstalk K57’s Patti Arroyo, saying how GDOE responded and had the community college checked to confirm the complaints.

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“So, of course, when it was raised to my attention that particular aspect of it, I did have the principal from GW go over with the associate dean to go and visit the class to see if there was any additional support that was needed in terms of PPEs, cleaning supplies and other things that may be provided. And with everything he’s observed, the school is compliant with the requirements,” Fernandez said.

Though the classrooms used by GW students were compliant with the requirements, the GW principal had other issues related to the rest of the campus and informed GCC President Mary Okada of those concerns.

To Fernandez, with those items brought to GDOE’s attention, they did feel that it’s important to go ahead and work together with GCC to see whether there is a need for GDOE to address the issues with their students.

“This is a constantly evolving situation. As we start to return to schools, we’re certainly going to hear more questions and we just have to understand that we got to work with Public Health and ensure that we are operating safely, improve the guidance, to make it clearer, and we consider ourselves lucky to be at the table for that,” Fernandez said.