GDOE’s Proposed FY17 Budget at $326M


The proposed GDOE FY17 budget and report will be presented to the Guam Legislature on Jauary 30th.

Guam – The Guam Education Board approved the Guam Department of Education’s proposed FY 2017 budget of about $326-million dollars, which is an increase of $93 million compared to GDOE’s FY16 budget.

At a board meeting this afternoon, GDOE’s finance team along with Superintendent Jon Fernandez say they collectively agreed that the  FY17 proposed budget of about $326-million is adequate and sufficient to meet GDOE’s core mission. Over the past couple of months, GDOE school administrators held public hearings for respective schools from October to November. After several work sessions, the Finance and Budget committee in collaboration with Fernandez and his budget team collected all the school reports and came up with a budget amount. Fernandez explains that the $93 million dollar increase from last fiscal year’s budget comes down to four core principles.

Fernandez explains, “The four guiding principles are: 1. provide the necessary support to our school, staffing knowing that we’ve had a lot of issues regarding safety at the school level. 2. provide support to improve facilities 3. effort to continue to accelerate the improvement to get off high risk and 4. Not expand programs if funding is not available. Those principles were used to guide the budget so all the increases you will see will go towards addressing those core areas.”