GDOE school facilities master plan presented


Education officials presented and discussed the Guam public schools’ facilities master plan.

Guam Department of Education Superintendent Jon Fernandez says GDOE took the opportunity to hold the meeting so stakeholders can be aware, engage and provide input regarding the current status of GDOE’s facilities planning efforts.

Later down the line, Fernandez said they can develop a master facilities plan which they hope will guide investments into the improvements of GDOE facilities.

HHF Planners, a consulting company that has worked with GDOE for 10 years, presented an internal draft of the GDOE School Facility Master Plan.

In the draft, they presented what HHF tasks are over the next year. This includes:

= Population/demographic analysis and enrollment projections;
= School capacity analysis;
= District boundary evaluation; and
= Reconsideration of facility standards

Though they have had this plan in place before COVID-19, HHF believes that they can still get through the first milestone by April, which includes the master plan overview, enrollment projections, updates in facility learning, and functional areas.

The work is supported by the US Department of Interior Office of insular Affairs, which has been working with GDOE for the past several years to address the department’s school facilities needs.