GDOE Seeking Community Support for Adopt-A-School Program


The Adopt-A-School Program is to help prepare schools for the start of the school year.

Guam – The annual Guam Department of Education Adopt-A-School is back.


With only two weeks away from the first day of school at the GDOE, the management team and administrators are working hard to get the schools cleaned up and ready to take in students. According to a release, each summer, different GovGuam agencies have been coming out and helping the schools get ready by providing manpower, cleaning supplies, materials and in some cases equipment to address areas of need that are identified by the school administration and staff.

GDOE Deputy Superintendent Chris Anderson says, “That’s a call to the community to join the effort. This is every year during the summer time there is an Adopt-A-School program coordinated with Adelup where they work with different government agencies to work with schools, even any private businesses and military. We’ve been getting calls. We’re welcoming it. We’re greatly appreciate when the community comes makes sure that schools get the support in terms of manpower and trying to get tasks done.”
Businesses and members of the community who are interested in volunteering their time or offering their support are encouraged to call the school administration directly of the school they wish to help or may contact Deputy Superintendent Erika Cruz at 300-1631. 


  1. One has to wonder why GDOE is asking the community to lend a hand in preparing the schools for the opening of the school year. What has the support staff been doing all summer long? Not every school was in session for summer so there’s absolutely no excuse other than plain laziness on the support staff’s part for these schools not to be ready. It’s almost as if GDOE support staff have taken the community’s past help for granted. The leadership of GDOE must hold the support staff accountable for readying the schools for the opening of the school year. They have the luxury of 2 1/2 months of summer vacation to earn their money. Equip them with brush cutters and water blasters. God knows some of them could use the exercise.

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