GDOE sees low registration rate for laptops and Mifi devices


There is low student registration for laptops and the Mifi personal wireless internet devices, the Guam Department of Education reported.

According to GDOE, registrations for the laptops and the Mifi devices are not as high as they had expected them to be.

GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez says by focusing on just the two models of learning, he hopes this will result in more sign-ups.

“Again, we’ll see if there’s going to be another push by more parents once we announce those further availability of resources and schedule the distributions. So hopefully, those numbers will go higher,” Fernandez said.

With the uncertainties that the pandemic has brought on GDOE in the past year, GDOE Deputy Superintendent Joe Sanchez says that in case of another shutdown, if students already have the laptops, it’s possible for students to keep them over the summer. However, that decision is based on their respective schools.

“The original protocol was to have them return the laptops at the end of the school year. The guidance that we provided to the schools is that if students are going to stick with the online model of learning, they can participate over the summer and participate next school year. So they can just hold and keep the laptops over the summer. Now, if they wish, just like what we spoke about earlier, if they wish to allow the students, even if they’re coming back for face-to-face to hold on to the laptops, that’s allowable. But that’s going to be the judgment of the school and a number of factors have to taken into consideration,” Sanchez said.

Sanchez added that the other strategy they have in place is to have the students pre-sign or pre-fill out an application that will then be activated in the event schools close down.