GDOE set to open student laptop applications

Joe Sanchez, GDOE's Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum and Education (PNC file photo)

The Guam Department of Education is set to open applications for laptop distribution to GDOE students.

GDOE Deputy Superintendent Joe Sanchez went on air with K57’s Kate Baltazar-Dodge to discuss the laptop distributions, the process and qualifications.

“We gave all of our schools a final technology distribution plan. So this is really our effort to take all of the laptops that we have — or at least the working laptops that we have in our schools — and trying to give as many of them away. We’re going to start with our secondary, which is our middle and high schools, and also try to get as many of our hard-copy students over to the online platform as quickly as we can,” Sanchez said.

According to Sanchez, GDOE should be ready to start accepting applications on Thursday or Friday.

“Some schools might have them already but we know that the application is ready as early as Thursday and Friday schools will start accepting them,” Sanchez said.

Sanchez also wants to point out that the laptops are not exclusively for hard copy students. Anyone can apply but their main focus at the moment is to be able to transfer those students to the online home learning platform.

Applications for the laptops will available as early as this Thursday on the GDOE website, school website, and all of GDOE’s social media pages.

They can be turned in via e-mail or physical copies can be turned in at the schools themselves but please call your respective schools for more information, especially before physically turning in applications.

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