GDOE setting up community centers for distance learning

Joe Sanchez, GDOE's Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum and Education (PNC file photo)

With the new school year approaching, the Guam Department of Education is working with island mayors to set up community learning centers.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, GDOE plans to incorporate more distance learning into its instruction But because not every household has access to the internet, the agency proposed at the Mayors Council meeting today to put up community learning centers throughout the island.

Joe Sanchez, GDOE’s Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum and Education, says that this initiative may involve having schools open at night to allow students to access the internet.

Setting up community hotspots within the villages is also on the table for consideration.

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“We know that there are going to be a number of families who may want to access the internet or devices that they don’t have at home. So opening the community centers in the villages will allow them to go to the school and access their wifi signal,” Sanchez said.

He added: “If students aren’t able to go to the school, we can set up 5 to 10 computers in the mayor’s office or village community centers – whatever facility you have – so that students can come in and people can take courses there.”

Sanchez says that the community centers would be staffed to assist students and that programs will be in place to safeguard them from malicious sites.