GDOE staff, faculty undergo career academy training

Guam Department of Education (PNC file photo)
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To better prepare students for their future, the Guam Department of Education is training faculty and staff from local secondary schools this week.

Staff and faculty representing the island’s various middle and high schools gathered at the main office of the Guam Department of Education to undergo a career academy training to provide focused assistance to students entering high school.

Described as “schools within schools,” career academies connect students with peers, teachers, and community partners to improve academic success and get ready for the careers of their choice.

Eloise Sanchez, Acting Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum and Instructional Improvement, said they are coming together to take a look at what their interests are and to take a look at the different skill sets that they have.

“Just kinda combining the efforts of teachers being involved in both the academic and vocational career clusters and coming together to find out what the students want to build that system right around them,” Sanchez said.

Conducted by Dr. Michele Wilcox of the National Career Academy Coalition, the training will be ongoing until Dec. 6 and will explore topics such as national standards of practice, action plans, and dual enrollment.

“We’re excited about the training. We’re excited about what our school administrators, teachers, and counselors are going to receive this week. Hopefully, as we look at implementation at the school sites, we take the information gained and be able to use it in the schools,” Sanchez said.