GDOE Still Faces Lack of Teachers and Deferred School Maintenance


We’re only 16 days away from the first day of school and the Guam Education Board is asking the Guam Department of Education if they’re ready.

Guam – “I’m sure the public would like to know exactly how ready are the schools are how many vacancies are out there,” says GEB Board Member Peter Ada.


And that’s exactly what the Guam Education Board discussed at their board meeting Monday night.
First, with regards to school readiness, board members Ken Chargualaf and Ada explained what issues they’ve seen during the school visits. 
Chargualaf said, “I still see in the critical areas for maintenance mold and mildew that’s occurring at some of our schools, rodent and termite infestation, rusted hallways, roof leaks and canopies…that’s in the school districts. I know in one particular school, in LBJ, they have a hallway that does not have a roof at all.”
Meanwhile, Ada said, “The canopy at that school, practically every section except for the part right in front of the office, there is no canopy or tarp. It’s see-through. We were soaking wet. I was glad that we’re soaking wet here because this is what these kids are going through.”
Another issue was vacancies. Board Chairwoman Lou San Nicolas said they want to make sure students are not just waiting in the cafeteria because they don’t have a teacher. Acting Superintendent Joe Sanchez explained that as of Monday night, they have 140 teacher vacancies, 55 for elementary, 65 for secondary, and 22 for special projects such as HeadStart, Special Education and GATE.

Sanchez said, “One of the major steps that we take in a regular basis is in some cases dissolving classes, merging groups so we’re able to maximize the number of teachers that we currently have.”