GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez Gets “Above Satisfactory” in His Third Evaluation


This is the third time Fernandez was evaluated as GDOE Superintendent and the third time he was rated “above satisfactory” in his performance.

Guam – “As a result, the board finds the following: Under the five goals, the Superintendent was rated ‘above satisfactory’. In his duties and responsibilities, Superintendent was rated ‘above satisfactory’. The 2015 overall performance evaluation summary rating for Jon Fernandez is ‘above satisfactory’,” announced Guam Education Board Member Maria Gutierrez.

After evaluations, GEB overall rated Jon Fernandez “above satisfactory” as Guam Department of Education Superintendent for the year 2015.
Fernandez says, “This marks the third evaluation that I’ve had with changes to different board members, but it’s the third ‘above satisfactory’ from the board but it represents a joint partnership in how we’re moving forward in the GDOE and trying to improve our outcomes for students.”
The nine voting board members evaluated Fernandez based on the 2020 State Strategic Plan and if his leadership supports the following goals:
  1. GDOE students will graduate from high school prepared to pursue post-secondary education or to assume employment
  2. All GDOE students will successfully progress from grade to grade to maximize opportunities to successfully graduate from high school
  3. All GDOE instructional personnel will meet high standards for qualifications and on-going professional development
  4. All members of GDOE community will establish and sustain a safe, positive and supportive environment
  5. All GDOE operations will maximize the critical uses of limited resources and meet high standards of accountability
After rating Fernandez’s performance from 1 to 5, with 5 being exemplary and 1 being unacceptable, these are the average rating given by each board member: 
Maria Gutierrez elected member gave a 5.0
Lourdes Benavente elected member gave a 4.9
Peter Alecxis Ada elected member gave a 4.8
Rosie Tainatongo, Vice-Chair elected member gave a 3.7
Lourdes San Nicolas, Chair elected member 3.6
Charlene Concepcion appointed member 3.2
Ryan Torres appointed member 3.1
Kenneth Chargualaf appointed member 2.9
Dr. Jose Q. Cruz, elected member 1.1
Lastly, the board members also rated Fernandez’s duties and responsibilities including: administer day-to-day activities, enforce and implement board policies and rules and regulations, and administer federal funds or programs.
Fernandez says, “More important than I think the rating is, is all the input the board members provided in their notes on areas to focus on for continued improvements and areas to accelerate those improvements for the coming years.”