GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez’s Request to Renew Contract on Hold; GEB Postpones Vote

The Guam Department of Education Superintendent Jon Fernandez’s contract is in limbo after the Guam Education Board did not get to vote on whether or not to extend his employment for another four years.

Guam – Back in September, DOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez sent a letter to the board expressing his interest in continuing his employment. Fernandez says the reason why he wrote a letter to the board before his contract expires is so that there can be a smooth transition in the event the board rejects him. Last night, GEB held a special meeting to approve, disapprove or ask to save the discussion regarding Fernandez’s contract for a later date but since a couple of board members raised legal questions that could not be answered on the spot,  the voting was pushed back to December 16. PNC asked what those legal questions were, but board members could not say because it was brought up during executive session. However, one board member Maria Gutierrez was frustrated that the public was not able to give their comment or take part in the discussion.


GEB Member Maria Gutierrez says, “It’s unfortunate that we should’ve had these legal questions answered before tonight so I apologize to the public who are here because we should have this addressed. I was ready to vote. I support Jon Fernandez all the way. The US DOE is concerned about the leadership in DOE so are we going to jeopardize that? That’s the big concern they have is the revolving doors of superintendent.”

GEB Vice Chair Lou San Nicolas says, “By December 3rd, those questions will be answered. By December 9, the board will hold executive session to review the response to the questions that remain outstanding as of today. By December 16, the board will take action on the Superintendent’s letter to request his contract.”

As of last night, GEB received a total of five letters of support for GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez . The letters are from Governor Eddie Calvo, the Guam Education Foundation, Senator and former DOE Superintendent Nerissa Underwood, the Guam Chamber of Commerce, and former Senator Francis Santos.