GDOE Superintendent Proposes Incentives To Students Bound For Post Secondary Institutes


Guam – Guam Department of Education Superintendent Dr. Nerissa Underwood would like the Guam Community College and the University of Guam give free tuition to high school students who perform well in academics and who plan to attend post secondary school.


A statistic GDOE is trying to monitor is the number of former DOE students currently enrolled at GCC and UOG and to determine how many of them can readily enroll in regular classes versus developmental courses.  To help GDOE with these numbers, Underwood would like to test all 11th graders for their readiness to enroll in post secondary schools

Underwood says, “For those students that do pass the placement test and can readily enroll, then I would like to see if I can provide an incentive. Perhaps a reduced or if not a free tuition for the first semester. That’s just my proposal. I think this is a way to get our students into secondary education.”

According to Underwood, “A lot of students may not even think they are college bound, but once they see the results of the test they may be encouraged to enroll in either GCC or UOG.”

She says during last weeks tri board meeting with UOG, GCC and GDOE,  they passed a resolution that would have the three institutes explore ways to increase the number of students to enter into post secondary education. Underwood believes this may be a way. She says they are currently exploring all the federal funds and grants that may be out there to cover the tuition fees.