GDOE taking a second look at its current strategic plan

Guam Department of Education Deputy Superintendent Joe Sanchez (PNC file photo)

The Guam Department of Education has changes in store for its current strategic plan.

In a recent Guam Education Board policy and strategic planning committee work session, GDOE presented to the board proposed changes to the GDOE strategic plan.

The last strategic plan was made in 2014 and that included the objectives and goals from GDOE’s Path to Graduation Program which was completed in 2020.

GDOE deputy superintendent Joe Sanchez says they had already started working on the updates for the past two weeks.

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“After you look at your goals and your objectives, remember, folks, that these goals and objectives are the ones that will help you identify what specific strategies are going to be in effect. So in the case of curriculum, one of our implementations was Implementation of the Common Core State Standards and GDOE Content Standards and Performance Indicators,” Sanchez said.

He added: “Presumably when we come up with our drafts, our changes are recommended changes to the goals, recommended changes to the objectives as well as any changes or new strategies that will be addressed to your particular goals and objectives.”

Because Sanchez will be working on the plan’s objective and goals, GEB board member Robert Crisostomo says he will gather the committees for the policy review.

“It’s not enough to have a strategic plan and not look at the policy because there’s a policy that contradicts what we’re trying to do with the strategic plan if we haven’t done our homework. So in conjunction with the strategic plan, we’re looking at the policies — policies that impact your specific priorities that need to be brought up as a caveat of your discussion to us on a weekly basis. So we’re recommending to the board, as we move forward, recommended policy changes that’ll fit and support the strategic plan,” Crisostomo said.

According to Sanchez, the final draft for the updated GDOE Strategic Plan is due by the end of May.

The department will then present their drafts to the committees and stakeholders in June and to the full GEB in July to incorporate their inputs.

The final draft will be adopted in August.