GDOE teachers to teach online students outside their school districts

Guam Department of Education (PNC file photo)

Guam Department of Education teachers will now teach online lessons to students outside their school district.

Since more than 80% of students signed up for face-to-face instruction for the upcoming school year, the online distance learning module has decreased in the number of registrations.

GDOE Deputy Superintendent Erica Cruz said that because of the low registration in online classes, they are deploying the current online teachers to students who signed up for online distance learning not only in their schools, but also those in other schools within their region.

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“Currently we have 1,369 elementary kids that have parents that opted for the online learning. So we’re currently working on the regional model where just because you’re a student at Maria Ulloa, your teacher may not necessarily be at Maria Ulloa Elementary School. We’re identifying online teachers and maximizing them to be able to service our 1,369 elementary school students who will be participating in online learning,” Cruz said.

With over 1,300 students online, Cruz says they need at least 69 teachers from the 26 elementary schools that GDOE currently has to teach these students.

“So regardless of whether you’re a student at Maria Ulloa Elementary School, we will pair you up with a teacher that’s probably close by like Wettengel Elementary School, and have that Wettengel Elementary school teach this particular, let’s say third grade or fourth-grade student. However, the student still continues to be a Maria Ulloa Elementary school. The reason we’re doing this is that we want to maximize our resources. We don’t want our online teachers to teach only two or three students at a time,” Cruz said.

Cruz added that it’s a matter of working with the northern, central, and southern regions of the island so it will be more convenient for parents and guardians to contact regional teachers and faculty, especially if they need to set foot on campuses.