GDOE televised learning via PBS University kicks off

(Photo from PBS Facebook page)

The Guam Department of Education has launched PBS University, a televised learning resource to teach students in the wake of school closures brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Starting Monday, PBS University will provide weekly televised 30-minute lesson plans in literacy, math, and character development for kindergarten through high school.

The program was created through a partnership between GDOE and PBS Guam and is meant to complement the online lessons and the “Grab and Learn” packets provided by the island’s public schools.

Ernest Ochoco, the creative producer of the program, says that PBS University was developed to make lessons more accessible.

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“GDOE is trying to reach all of our students through whichever platform is available for us. And we think that some people who do not have wi-fi may have a television and since public broadcasting is free and the likelihood of someone using it is high, it can be a supplemental way to align with our online GDOE services so we are able to hit different media platforms with PBS University,” Ochoco said.

He added that they aim to produce at least six episodes. PBS University episodes will air on Mondays and Tuesdays on KGTF Channel 12 with repeats throughout the week.

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