GDOE to conduct suicide prevention/bomb threat training


Guam Homeland Security will hold a special training for GDOE principals as well.

Guam – Suicide and terrorist bomb threat training is taking place this week for the Guam Department of Education.

In light of the multiple shutdowns and lock-ins that have occurred in this academic year alone, GDOE is conducting this special training for administrators, faculty, and staff.  A press release notes Guam Homeland Security will hold a special training for principals as well.

And with bomb threats from North Korea this past summer, Superintendent Jon Fernandez told media that GDOE and Homeland Security have prepared a school emergency response plan.

According to Isa Baza, GDOE’s Public Information Officer, this year’s data is still being compiled, however data from the previous year reveals that the school threat level summary is significantly higher.

In fact, reports show that over an hour’s worth of instructional learning has already been lost in this year alone.

The training for suicide prevention and bomb threats will be conducted at the University of Guam and will continue until Friday November 17.