GDOE to start work on Master Facilities Plan


The start of work on the Guam Department of Education’s Master Facility Plan is almost underway

After GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez’s recent visits to the public schools, he noticed the various facility issues that needed to be addressed.

During a recent Guam Education Board meeting, Fernandez brought up the Master Facilities Plan that was already presented to the legislature and the governor’s office.

The plan will help in tackling the schools’ facilities issues and needs not just for the upcoming school year, but for many years ahead.

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“We did do a Master Facilities Plan briefing for the board and committee. We briefed Senator (Telena) Nelson and we briefed the Governor and Lt. Governor as to what the plan was. So now we’re in the position get further input. This has to do with GDOE facilities, setting the standards for the future, and then going on and figuring out the specific school by school recommendations we hope to get by the course of this year,” Fernandez said.

He added that GDOE will start circulating questionnaires and surveys about their school facility needs to administrators, teachers, students, and parents.

They will also have more in-depth meetings with other agencies and divisions within the department.

“We will be working to prepare communications to our island-wide PTO, seeking out parents. So we’re going to need to meet and update on what we might want to send out so we can get that out and returned. Also, we’re going to be getting students’ input,” Fernandez said.

The Master Facilities Plan is being done by HHF Planners under the auspices of the US Army Corp of Engineers and supported by the Office of Insular Affairs of the Interior department

Fernandez said GDOE was lucky to have the Governor’s support in helping them get the US Army Corp of Engineers on island to do the assessment of the schools’ facilities.

He hopes that with them coming to Guam, they can get started as soon as possible.