GDOE Wants to Ban Amorous Relationships Between Employees and Students


GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez wants to strengthen GDOE’s sexual harassment policy.

Guam – Guam Department of Education Superintendent Jon Fernandez is proposing to make changes to GDOE’s policies on sexual harassment.


According to Fernandez, he wants to follow the steps taken by both the University of Guam and the Guam Community College to strengthen their policies dealing with sexual misconduct, especially in regards to amorous relationships between faculty and students. Fernandez explains that he noticed that there is no clear language that prohibits relationships between GDOE employees and students, especially those who are already of the age of consent. 

Fernandez explains, “So what I’m trying to do is propose language to the board that will establish some clarity and to establish the department’s stance that we prohibit relationships of any intimate, sexual or romantic nature between any employees and students and have that for the board to take up over the coming weeks in order to approve a policy sometime in June.”
Fernandez hopes that the Guam Education Board approves the changes to the policy next month, so that there will be enough time to provide training during the summer and to implement the new policy next school year.